Shopping for insurance just got easier. Real experts. Real Reviews. And the best rates!

We are on a mission:

To make shopping for insurance fun, simple, and affordable by getting the protection people really want.

Let's face it. Insurance has always been a boring topic.

This industry has been the same for hundreds of years without any new technology or major educational advances.


Times are changing. And changing rapidly.

The birth of the Insurtech industry is here.

No more scammy insurance agents selling you stuff you don't need.

Instead of sitting at an insurance office all day signing paper work that you don't even know what it means, you can now get an instant quote online and have coverage in just minutes.

Welcome to the new world of insurance.

Why we created Policyreviews.

Quite simply for 3 main reasons:

1. Shopping for insurance should be fun, simple, and educational.

2. You should know what type of coverage you need, instead of having to guess.

3. The ability to get the best rates, with the best companies.

That's it. We searched for a website like this for ourselves. Didn't find one, so we said, hell let's create one ourselves.

And that's our story. was born.

The end. (or is it just the beginning?)

Meet our team of experts

I’m Cassidy Horton, a personal finance freelance copywriter. I craft action-worthy content for financial services companies. My #1 goal is helping people break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and experience financial freedom.

Jessica Waltman

Jessica Waltman is a licensed health insurance agent and business strategy consultant with more than twenty years of experience in health insurance markets, health policy, and executive leadership. Her area of specialty is taking complex insurance requirements and breaking them down so that anyone can understand them.

Phyllis Kentleton is the sole proprietor of KScribes. She is a Financial writer in the areas of personal finance, insurance and Real estate. She provides ultimate guides and all marketing content in the finance arena. She's the host of her podcast LIP Service for Location Independent Professionals.

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We’re not trying to trick you into buying things you don’t want or need, we’re just making you aware of the dynamic you are already involved in, so that you can consciously take part.

Advertising has been rightly and wrongly demonized over the years, but it’s part of keeping the internet free, so working together we hope we can make it a more reasonable payment system for everyone.

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